Garden Maintenance and Care

Our teams of gardeners can:

  • Weed and dig garden beds
  • Trench and edge the garden beds
  • Prune shrubs as required
  • Weed and sweep paths and driveways
  • Rake lawns and cultivate beds
  • Plant, mulch, and fertilise
  • Prune and care for rose bushes.

We also offer specialised spray treatments to control weeds in your lawn and paving, stubborn couch grass, bugs and pests.

Call our Client Support Team on 1800 24 74 84 to discuss exactly what your garden needs or make an online enquiry.

You can be confident you have employed the professionals in Weeding Women!

We don't mow,hand weed or fertilise lawns, nor do we undertake any tree surgery. We may be able to recommend a contractor in your area who can help with these specific tasks.

Pruning & shaping shrubs

Whether it be your rose bushes, natives, hedges, topiaries, or fruit trees, our professionally trained gardeners can prune bushes and shrubs to make them look and be their best.

We are able to work up to a reachable height and will have the necessary tools to do a beautiful and tidy job. We'll clean up after ourselves and you can be assured your garden will thank you for the trim!

We pride ourselves on the beautiful shapes, topiaries, and hedges that we keep trimmed and in shape all year round.

Not sure when or what to prune? Call us on 1800 24 74 84 or make an online enquiry.

* We are able to prune only up to 6 feet (1.8m) in height. We recommend that tree loppers are best suited for anything higher.

Mulch, mulch, we love mulch!

There are four main reasons to mulch.
1. The first, and probably the most important, is for water conservation. Mulch stops the top of the soil drying out, keeps the soil moist, and can reduce watering by about 60 per cent.
2. Mulching prevents weeds and weed seed germination, which compete with plants for moisture and nutrients.
3. Mulching helps keep the soil temperature constant and the plant's roots cool.
4. Using an organic mulch means you're adding extra organic matter to the soil. That makes your soil and therefore your plants healthier.

We can supply you with West Australia's premium mulch with Quality Assurance. Call us to discuss it today!

It all begins with soil improvement, wetting agents and fertilising.

Whether it be the sandy soils of Perth or the clay in the hills, our gardens need special care to be their best. The foundation of a beautiful, healthy garden is the soil and we can help you to improve the quality of your soil, in turn producing a more beautiful garden. We'd love to help you, so call our Client Support Team to discuss your soils improvement needs.

Planting design and advice

What a difference a garden path lined with colourful red and white annuals can make at Christmas time or a small tree for a special occasion.
A beautiful rose garden, beautifully trimmed hedges or topiaries.
Perhaps a stunning water wise native garden is your desire.
If it's supplying top quality plants suitable for Perth's conditions you need, then we can help with that too.

* Service is not available in all zones.

Weeding Women

"I wanted to say thank you. The ladies, were wonderful, and now I have the fabulous color of geraniums, when I come home from Chemo tomorrow, all of our garden areas including the grandson's veggie garden is ready for his next visit. Thank your staff again, for a wonderful job, and I thoroughly enjoyed their company today. I had a good day girls, they will understand." Jeanette of Yokine

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"The beauty about your service is the set and forget factor. Once the team is in the routine and know what you want, it is just nice to come home and see a trimmed hedge, tidy garden etc . . . so you just enjoy the benefits." Leon of Madeley