A special gift...

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  • 14th November 2016
A special gift...

We received the most beautiful letter from Alice of Darlington who was the lucky winner of our 6PR competition last year. We just completed her final visit. Have a look at those photos! The first is of a section before we started and the second, the same patch this Spring! A huge well done to Emma and all the gardeners who contributed to a glorious transformation. 

This is why we do what we do... because gardens give life and bring so much joy.

To Sue McDougall, everyone at 6PR and Weeding Women

Last year my sister entered my garden into your competition to win a year of help from Weeding Women.  It has been my absolute privilege to be the recipient of such a wonderful gift.  This gift has brought my garden from a weedy half acre into a productive, colourful, enjoyable garden on my shoe-string budget.

For all that this may not sound like much, it has so many values they are hard to list.

To my family our garden gives us so much joy and happiness.  My children love to play in the outdoors and really appreciate flowers, bugs and the wonders in a garden.  They can run around and practice their sports, build cubbyhouses to sleep in all school holidays and play all sorts of exploring games.  For the extended family the garden is a haven to sit back and reconnect in.

For myself, the help of the Weeding Women has freed me to tackle many of the large 'construction' type jobs.  Repairing leach drains, building water drainage courses, paving paths, building garden beds, repairing and improving the reticulation, just to name a few.  The hours they have saved me has been amazing.  I particularly enjoy the food production side of the garden so having people hand pull the weeds, rather than spraying, has been very important to me.  Their work will continue on as already I have noticed far less weed production this year.

To have the garden looking like a garden, not just a collection of weeds and rubble has helped us all feel 'established' in this location.  This is our last move and it was so disheartening to arrive to a pile of rocks, clay and weeds having built up an enjoyable, productive garden in our last rental house in Victoria.

It would have taken me years to get to the stage we are at now without this help.

The Weeding Women were always very professional in their manner.  They always worked tirelesslly removing the weeds or moving cubic metres of mulch.  At half an acre everything is on a large scale, yet they just kept working on.  They would manage to do so much in their set time it always amazed me.

These words really dont describe the true extent of positives you have given us with this gift.  Many are small and too hard to describe but as a collective they are immesurable.  So once again, thank you for your gift.

With great thanks

Alice Madden

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