The Humble Bee

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  • 29th August 2017
The Humble Bee

Did you know that around 80% of the world’s plants are pollinated by bees and most of these are a food source for us hungry humans?  

Sadly however, the overuse of pesticides and insecticides, clearing of natural bee habitats and the ever increasing flowerless urban landscape means the bee population is in severe decline.

But we can all do our bit to create and maintain a safe habitat for our bee population by adding one or more of these to your garden:

  1. NATIVES: These beautiful plants are long flowering, providing an abundance of pollen and nectar. Add different varieties of flowers, shapes and mix up the colours. Bees love yellow, blue, white and purple. Great varieties include Hakea, Leptospermum, Hardenbergia, Brachysomes, Flowering Gum, Grevillea, Callistemon and Westringia.
  2. FRUIT:  The flowers of the apple, nectarine, peach, and citrus trees are all favourites, as are strawberry, blueberry and raspberry flowers.
  3. VEGETABLES: The flowers of onions, chives, zucchini, pumpkin and cucumbers all provide a great food source for bees.
  4. HERBS: Not only will you reap the rewards of theses healthy plants but they also help to control the invasion of pests in your garden. Try planting Basil, Borage, Dill, Lavender, Mint (always plant into a pot) Thyme, Marjoram and Sage.

And remember, by having a healthy well maintained garden with a variety of flowering plants there will be is no need for harsh chemical pesticides and insecticides. And best of all, the bees will be buzzing!




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