Lawns. The Great Australian Past Time.

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  • 17th August 2017
Lawns.  The Great Australian Past Time.

The great Australian lawn. Many spend hours staring at it, mowing it, fertilising, spraying and watering it, often with beer in hand.  We’re even pretty sure some people cuddle it.  Make no mistake - lawn love is a real thing.  But despite endless trips to Bunnings and buckets of Weed and Feed, if you’re no closer to your dream lawn – it’s time to call in the professionals.

Bindii? Onehunga? Bindi Eye? – Same Weed. Same Prickle. 

Call it what you will, this is the weed responsible for impromptu kangaroo hoping; cancelled cricket games; and Mum & Dad Lawn Frustration (it’s a real condition by the way, hence the capitals).  Clients often complain that ‘Weed & Feed’ hasn’t worked on their lawn. Umm.. well, yes!  Anytime you combine fertilisers and weed killers in one ‘fix it all’ product you’ll get patchy results. 

What is Bindii?

It’s a small winter growing weed that pops up with the first Autumn rains. The flowers start to appear in Spring and continues right up until December.  The reason it’s so despised is because of the seed capsule.  The tiny capsule is protected by spines which are extremely prickly and painful when wedged into your foot. 

How can we help?

We can safely treat weeds in all types of turfs and domestic lawns including buffalo lawns (yes - we said buffalo) without any damage to the turf. Our team can eradicate all broadleaf weeds including Bindii, Oxalis (Soursob – Sour Grass), Cape Weed, Dandelions, Flat weed and all types of Clover to name a few. We also have very specialised treatments for Onion Weed, Onion Grass-Guildford Grass & Nut Grass.

Now is the time to get working on your grass so you’ll enjoy weed free lawn this summer.

Winter Special

We can treat your front, back and verge lawns for $299 and will COMPLIMENTARY treat your paving, driveway and patio areas too!  

Call us today on 1800 24 74 84 or email so we can answer all of your questions.



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